Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by my website! My name is Karla Lárraga and, as you’ll see from exploring this site, I am a Dallas-based communications professional with a passion for teaching individuals more about social media and communications so they can establish, enhance and polish engaging brands themselves.

I believe that identifying passion goes back to three basics: who you are at your core, what you love to do, and focusing on how you do it – so you can do it well. I have a passion for the whole gamut of communications: events, branding, marketing, public relations, press operations and I have an exciting, diversified communications background that has taken me all around the country to work in several exciting industries like professional sports, lifestyle and hospitality, real estate and more!  I have gone the entrepreneurial route, the corporate route and through agency work and have found that I am most successful wherever it is that I can take on a project and team and lead them to fulfill new plans and goals. My hope is that the lessons I learn from my research and my life benefit you!

I put together this website with the goal of sharing information about communications with my friends, family, colleagues and extended network. You can expect to see me sharing what I learn as I continue to grow in this field – plus, I have an exciting new monthly social media content-planning series that I will start making available soon!

I love to network with other comms pros, so please, Get in Touch and know that I thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit better!