App of the Month: Studio Design


I don’t know whether it is the fact that I am always looking for ways to streamline my life or if it’s that I have a problem with finding new ways to spend more time on my smart devices, but if anyone takes a quick look at my phone, they will quickly see that I have a serious app addiction.

They’re organized (hello, what type of wannabe-Type A creative wouldn’t) in neat folders but now my phone requires extra memory to fit everything I’ve added. Developers around the world are continuously bringing new ideas to life and I love seeing what is coming out to the app markets.

I recently set myself out to find a way to create graphics for the content I’m putting together while I’m away from the wonders of all things Adobe, when I found and tried out Studio, a design app that Mashable described by saying “What Instagram Did For Photography, This App Will Do For Design.”

Now, I know that this app has gone several iterations since its first inception – the Mashable article was, after all, from 2013.  The current version (1.6.9) is a lot of fun to play with and, together with the Death To Stock photos that I use for many of my images, I’ve been able to create some pretty fun graphics.

The app works with layers, which gives the user more versatility in customizing graphics (especially if you are used to other layer-based graphic design products) and also provides a good assortment of downloadable overlays, that give you an endless amount of options to modify, edit and play with your pictures.

11647150_10102179121983963_355120587_n  11349088_10102179122672583_1114788260_n  wpid-design-2015-06-17-22-51-39.png

In my opinion, after about a month of use, is that it’s worth the time – when it works.  The BIG con to this app – which is free, by the way – is that I have had several experiences where I put in a good 10-15 minutes to putting together something great…only to see my app crash and having lost my work.  You can’t save your progress and will leave you in a time crunch if you are on a deadline for a post.  Not good.

I would say that for casual fun, it would be well-worth keeping this on your android, iPhone, or iPad If you join the network – don’t forget to add me (username karlalarraga) so we can share fun design ideas!

Until next time – wishing you the best.

– Karla



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