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“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates

I live and breathe by digital tools and I always looking for ways to streamline my life. If you looked at any of my mobile devices you will find multiple apps that are essentially different takes on the same functions, just so I can see which helps me work the best.

According to the company, Sidekick by Hubspot allows users to “Supercharge” their e-mail and “Know Who Opens Your Emails, When, How Many Times And From Where. Always Be In The Know And Communicate The Smart Way, By Having Data At Your Side.” The tool offers users three key benefits: Read Receipts, User Profiles and E-mail Scheduling. Read on to see just why I like this tool so much!

My Thoughts:

1. SEE WHO OPENS AND CLICKS YOUR EMAILS – This. I didn’t think that getting live notifications when someone opened or clicked on my emails would be something I’d check so voraciously, but I was definitely surprised. It has become infinitely useful to know when to follow up with someone and, the best part, you have access to the information instantly.


2. POWERFUL PROFILES IN YOUR INBOX – I haven’t seen the full benefits of using this aspect of Sidekick – yet. I did my due diligence of filling out my profile today (after a few months of having signed up) and I imagine as more users sign up, this will become more useful.


3. NOW, SEND LATER – This function hasn’t been made available to the public yet, but users will essentially be able to schedule out their e-mails so that they are sent out at predetermined times.

When I first signed up for it, I do so out of pure simple curiosity. I’m a nerd at heart and I cannot help but sign up for just about every shiny new emerging platform that claims to be able to save me time and make me a more productive human being. (Sidenote: Someone please remind me to review God’s gift to alarm clocks, because wow. Shiny. New. Amazing.) 

My Impression:

I’m not going to recommend anything that I don’t feel is absolutely worth it. I enjoy knowing when to follow up on e-mail, I like communication streams moving more efficiently and, after trying this out for a few months, I feel that Sidekick by Hubspot is worth checking out.  Did I mention that it’s free up to 200 notifications and $10 a month if it’s more? They didn’t even take my credit card information, which is refreshing.

Check it Out, Here

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