Two Great Loves Theory


Two Great Loves Theory

translated from The Zahir by Paolo Coelho

“They say that throughout our lives we have two great loves: one with whom you marry or live forever, maybe the father or mother of your children – that person you reach the maximum understanding to spend the rest of your life with.
And they say that there is a second great love, a person you will always lose. Someone with whom you were born connected, so connected that the chemical forces elude reason and will prevent you, always, from reaching a happy ending. Until one day you will forsake trying. You will give up and seek that other person to find her or him finally.
But I assure you that you will not spend a single night without the need of another kiss from him or her, or even arguing one more time…
You all know what I’m talking about because while you were reading this, his or her name has come to your mind.
You will get rid of him or her, you will stop suffering, you will succeed in finding peace (by replacing him or her for calm), but I assure you there will not be a day without you looking forward to him or her to be here disturbing you.
Because sometimes, you radiate more energy arguing with someone you love than making love with someone you appreciate.”

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