Live Today Fully.

I lost a lifelong friend this past week, which brought present a few key reminders about really living. I share these because I hope that you stumble across this little blog of mine and see each point as a gentle tug of the ears, and don’t have to experience this to put it into action.

This week, I…

  • Remembered that I need to prioritize living each day like it matters, because it absolutely does. ⁣
  • Was reminded about how good for the soul it is to reunite and reconnect with lifelong friends, even if under circumstances as unfortunate as these. I need to be more intentional about reaching out to them. ⁣
  • Learned the importance of making sure everyone I care about knows it. It’s important they hear it from you.

These seem simple enough, don’t they? Even so, they definitely weren’t something in the forefront of my life. They will be now.

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