Consider me motivated.


2016 has started with a bang:

  • Won a $1 in a scratch-off
  • My Q1 Planning & Editorial Calendar is Complete
  • My house is in tip-top shape (given that it’s still in full-holiday splendor)
  • My 30th Birthday (!) will be spent lounging in Cancun

I’m going to buy a few powerball tickets just to see if the stars are aligned to let me prove, once and for all, that I will be the most altruistic person on the planet if I were to win.

I mean, I would be.

Anyway, remember this?

I’m starting with Number 11 (“Sign up for a local community class, learn something new and meet other people who live in your area at the same time.”) by doing, this.

I’m very motivated.


Now, didn’t that make you smile? I’m easily inspired.

Wish me luck – I’ll keep y’all posted. Except for if I win the PowerBall – then, you won’t hear much from me at all!

– kpl




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